Why You Should Choose Garage Floor Epoxy

Why You Should Choose Garage Floor Epoxy

May 01, 2020

Now that most of your house is complete, you need to finish up on the final touches. For the most part, this usually involves working on the furniture of your house, while completing the other spaces untouched. If your garage floor is the area f contention, the number one area to consider is the flooring. What most homeowners do not appreciate s that the garage will have heavier usage that the rest of your house. In most cases, different kinds of vehicles may be moving back and forth in that area. It is why you must be careful when considering a flooring system for your garage.

What is Garage Floor Epoxy?

It is a thermosetting resin that is usually applied on the floors of homes. Garage floor epoxy is especially fashioned for garages. Epoxy flooring is different from floor paint. For one, it does not dry. Rather, it cures. Besides that, the epoxy floor for garages is built with superior strength and durability, thanks to the curing process.

Why Work on the Garage Floors?

The garage may not be as important as the other rooms in your house, but it is important. This is the place where you will store some of the items you cannot have in your household. When it comes to getting a safe storage space for your vehicles, it will matter the type of flooring you have. For one, you must account for the heavy usage of that area. Close to every day, you will have a vehicle or two moving back and forth in your garage. More to that, you must account for the spillage and dirtying that comes with vehicles. In that case, how you choose your flooring matters a lot.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Garage Flooring

Generally, there are a few things that should guide your choice of flooring. While the factors can be used for any other part of your home, these following are specific to your garage space.

  1. Protection – it is important to protect your home from damage. More to it, you must also protect your cars and other vehicles from damage. For this reason, find a flooring surface that can offer such kind of protection.
  2. Look – the aesthetics of your garage will still matter to you, especially if you are big on interior décor. Besides, you need a flooring system that can tie together the décor of your garage to that of the rest of your home.
  3. Maintenance – a garage is not a space you clean every other day. This is why you must select a flooring system that is easy to maintain.
  4. Resistance – can the flooring system resist harsh conditions? This includes oil stains, cracks, heavy usage, to mention a few. Consider the resistance of the flooring, especially regarding how long it can serve you.

Why You Should Choose Garage Epoxy Flooring

Now that you know what you should be looking for, here are some of the benefits why garage epoxy flooring is perfect for your home’s garage:

  1. Superior strength and durability – garage epoxy flooring features a hardened and thick application. This reinforces the strength of the flooring, especially after ample curing time.
  2. Resilience and resistance – this flooring has great resilience to abrasion from impacts. It resists chipping, as well as stains from chemicals and oil leaks. More to the good news, the topical coating of epoxy flooring for garages is naturally moisture resistant. If therefore, you live in snowy climate areas, this is the perfect type of flooring for you.
  3. Thick coverage – the thick coverage of this flooring system makes it perfect for covering flaws. If you have any cracks and distinct flaws in your floors, epoxy can cover them sufficiently.
  4. Aesthetics – the epoxy floorings are known for their aesthetic advantage. They have a smooth and beautiful finish that adds to the décor of your garage space.
  5. Ease of maintenance – the glossy finish of this flooring makes it very effortless when it comes to maintenance. Adding to the fact that it is resistant to stains and oil leaks, you may never have to break your back cleaning your garage. All caustic car chemicals like brake and oil fluids, anti-freeze, gasoline, and others, are easy to clean up.