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Why You Should Choose Concrete Overlay Over Bluestone

Why You Should Choose Concrete Overlay Over Bluestone

Jan 03, 2022

Other than the cost of materials and time involved in the construction process, you must be concerned about the design of the home you are building. The trick to getting it right with designing your space is to have as many details as possible. When it comes to the flooring of your space, the material you opt for should last you for many years to come. It is why you should consult concrete contractors in Richmond, TX, beforehand to help you make a wise decision before you commit to anything.

Choosing Flooring Materials

The material you choose for your floors largely depends on the location of the space you are working on in your building. For instance, the flooring you choose for your indoor space cannot be the same as outdoor space. Besides, even when working outdoors, it depends on the flooring area, whether the driveways, walkways, or patios. For such spaces, concrete overlays and natural stone are the common types of materials that contractors suggest.

Reasons Why Concrete Overlay is Effective and Better than Bluestone

If you have been working with a concrete contractor from the beginning of your construction project, you won’t have to worry too much about understanding the benefits of concrete floors. However, as you are making the decision, comparing between different flooring options, you will find the following aspects of concrete overlays quite useful:

  • It is cost-effective – cost may be the number one thing you consider when choosing a flooring option for your space. The effectiveness of concrete overlay stems from the fact that it is readily available, whereas bluestone can only be found in certain parts of North America. The scarcity of bluestone can make it pricey than a concrete overlay. Imagine the costs you would have to incur for choosing bluestone, especially for outdoor areas of your space. Besides, no one talks about the future costs of re-installing bluestone after settling over time, requiring resetting and replacement.
  • It is easy to maintain – compared to bluestone, it is safe to say that a concrete overlay in Richmond is easy to maintain. Many contractors will tell you that concrete is among the easiest flooring material for outdoor use to maintain. You only need regular and occasional hosing down and sweeping to keep your floors clean. Besides, you can easily access concrete cleaners near you to maintain the floor, especially when you need to address stained spots.
  • It is versatile – you can hardly run out of ideas on how to spice up your concrete floors to match the aesthetics of your hike décor. From shapes, color, sizes, stains, and finishes, there is a lot you can do with concrete overlays for your floors. Better yet, you can choose designs that match bluestone aesthetics, getting your result even without using bluestone. For less the price, you can achieve bluestone aesthetics on your floors with concrete overlay designs.
  • It is energy efficient – did you know that concrete overlay can help warm up your space? Concrete absorbs heat from the sun during the day and releases it at night.
  • It is long-lasting – you will greatly appreciate choosing concrete overlay when you learn how well the material withstands harsh weather conditions and wear and tear from regular use. With proper care, your floors should go up to 25 years without needing a repair job done.
  • It has no tripping hazards – one of the downfalls of bluestone for floors is how it moves around that may cause it to be uneven, creating a potential for tripping menace, especially for children. It is not the case with concrete overlays that feature a perfectly aligned solid slab.
  • Its installation is easy and fast – there isn’t much logistics involved when installing concrete overlays, which is why the process is fast and easy, taking far lesser time than would be the case with installing bluestone.


Optimizing costs and materials to come up with the preferred designs for your spaces is crucial to the successful completion of your construction project. However, if you want the best outcome, it is best to involve a concrete specialist to guide you through the entire flooring process.