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The Benefits of Decorative Concrete Coating for Your Floors

The Benefits of Decorative Concrete Coating for Your Floors

Dec 08, 2020

Decorative concrete coating is an innovative solution for people looking for the finishing of stones in their homes. These coatings are an excellent solution to achieve seamless walls within a short time. Contractors and applicators create a wide range of textures for exteriors and interiors using the decorative concrete coating.

Explaining Decorative Concrete Coatings

The production of decorative concrete coatings is helped by a technology combining proprietary additives with concrete to impart fluidity. The layers are produced in an aqueous base. It ensures they do not contain harmful solvents or pigments. They are also environmentally friendly because they have no VOC making them incredibly sustainable. The textured finishes are easily applicable because of the innovative technology on various surfaces, including flat, curved, and 3D textures.

Are These Coatings Durable?

Decorative concrete, like the variety provided by epoxy floors in Houston, is produced to endure harsh conditions for an extended period. The textured concrete coatings produced by epoxy floors are available with a guarantee against any failure or fading of the shade. The layers can be protected by sealing them either with a glossy or a matte protective coat, depending on your choice, to prevent damage from external elements.

Where Are Decorative Concrete Coatings Applied?

You can choose where you want to apply decorative concrete coatings as they cover a wide range of areas. You will be surprised at the range of surfaces you can substitute with these finishes. Let us give you a few examples to convince you why decorative concrete coatings are a credible investment.

If you want to create seamless walls in the interiors or give a striking appearance to the exteriors, you will not find these coatings letting you down because they are made for all kinds of surfaces.

Would you like to have a decorative finish on your ceiling? Rest assured, you are unlikely to face disappointment with these coatings.

You may have a lot of outdated furniture in your place that either needs replacements or an upgrade. You can use decorative concrete coatings to create unique pieces of furniture. The furniture pieces can, in turn, prove beneficial to accentuate your interiors. If you want to ensure their longevity, you conceal them with a protective coating as well.

How to Maintain Decorative Concrete Coatings?

When you think about decorative coatings, the cost of maintaining them will undoubtedly concern you. However, if you choose decorative coatings from epoxy floors Houston, the concern of high maintenance costs can be forgotten from the moment you make your investment. All you need to have is a damp cloth to accomplish the task of maintaining the coatings. Surface stains can be quickly cleaned using mild soap water. However, you must avoid acid-based cleansers because they can wear off the protective coating faster than you believe.

Besides being durable and coming with a guarantee of longevity, decorative coatings are available at an affordable price. The installation will not cost a significant sum, and with its incredible durability, resistance to damages, and low maintenance, it is currently the most economical coating you can think about.

You can beautify and protect your concrete surfaces with decorative concrete. Suppose you are considering improving the appearance of your place to bring it in line with the current trends. In that case, you must contact epoxy floors Houston who will send over an experienced and qualified technician to guide you on the subject. Your discussion with the professional will give you access to how you can change the appearance of your place by using the innovative coatings provided by this manufacturer.

Why Must You Consider Decorative Concrete Coatings?

Decorative concrete coatings, also known as decorative concrete overlays and can transform the appearance and functionality of concrete surfaces regardless of the type. The layers are generally applied to surfaces like floors, walkways, driveways, patios, and pool decks, but they are also beneficial for application on other surfaces, as described earlier.

The coatings are available in an extensive range of color options, textures, and patterns. After the concrete coatings are applied, they change the aesthetics of the surface, they make the concrete surface more durable. If you wish, you can add anti-slip ingredients to improve the safety aspect of a concrete surface.

The professional answers every question you have in your mind from epoxy floors Houston that also offers you the flexibility of having the decorative coatings installed by them. Here is a manufacturer who not only produces the decorative coatings but also installs them in your place to deliver high-quality results.