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Garage Floors

Garage Floor Epoxy in Richmond, TX

No matter what state you’re in, it’s important to have garage floors that are durable and neat. Professional garages need to make an impression on potential customers and be functional, increasing the safety of employees. Concrete Kote provides high-quality flooring for commercial businesses, residential homes, and even garages. Our materials are of professional grade, and you can customize your flooring to meet the unique needs of your garage. Concrete Kote specializes in concrete installations as well as epoxy floor coverings and other types of flooring for any and all of your needs.

Simply choose us for garage floor epoxy in Richmond, TX 77406 and other services, and we will be proud to provide you assistance in every possible manner.

Garage Floor Epoxy in Richmond, TX


If you run a mechanic shop, the flooring you choose is critical. They should be clean, vibrant, and highly durable. Epoxy flooring is one option, as these are resistant to slips as well as impacts – making them the safer option for mechanics working in the garage. Epoxy flooring comes in several different colors, so you can designate areas to increase safety throughout your garage. Your commercial business could be made more productive with flooring that is easy to clean, durable, professional, and long-lasting.


Parking facilities can benefit from the flooring options available at Concrete Kote. We provide epoxy coatings and can protect concrete floors from harm that may be caused by several different things, such as moisture damage. The traction vehicles will be improved as well, so consider an epoxy coating in your parking garage. There are texture variations you can use to enhance your floors more, giving your commercial parking garage a brand new look.


The place where your vehicles are going to be stored should be safe and secure. Your flooring plays a part in this, as it will be subject to heat, chemicals, and everything else that is emitted from your vehicle. The surface of your floor should be durable enough to handle all that your car, truck, or any automotive project will throw at it.

You can speak with a professional at Concrete Kote to get more information about how we can help you secure and protect your flooring by calling our office at your convenience. Call us for epoxy garage flooring in Richmond, and we’ll send in our best to give you the knowledge you’re seeking.

General Garage Epoxy Flooring Faq’s

Q. How long does the epoxy garage floor last?
A: On average, 5-10 years before any maintenance is needed.

Q: Is an epoxy garage floor slippery?
A: No. Concrete Kote’s epoxy coating has a very light orange peel finish, helping to prevent any slipperiness you might feel.

Q: Can you pressure wash the epoxy floor?
A: Pressure washing is not recommended. Concrete Kote recommends that you scrub epoxied flooring with soap and a stiff-bristled brush.

Q: Does epoxy scratch easily?
A: No, epoxy does not scratch easily. Objects with sharp points may be more likely to scratch through a coating.

Q: Is it worth it to epoxy garage floor?
A: 1. Cleanliness– helps prevent dustiness and grease from being absorbed.
2 Aesthetics
3. Color — brighten/darken the room.
4. Helps resale value — great investment. “For one mortgage payment, you can get years and years of benefits.”

Q: Does epoxy garage floor increase home value?
A: Absolutely. Personal feedback — repeat customers say that their old homes sold more quickly with Concrete Kote epoxy floors.

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