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Concrete Staining

Concrete Staining in Richmond, TX

Staining concrete is an excellent way to improve its longevity while also injecting new color or changing the entire appearance of preexisting, dull concrete. The process requires some assistance, as specialists need to work with the chemical composition of concrete to create even, thorough staining. The stain used can be reactive (acid stained) or non-reactive, creating a broad range of colors and finishes. Whether you want something colorful, opaque, or metallic, look no further than Concrete Kote in Richmond, TX.

Why You Should Choose Us

Out of all of the concrete staining contractors in Richmond, we at Concrete Kote take pride in being some of the best while also being oriented to customer service. We perform a variety of services designed to suit commercial and residential needs so that you always receive the driveway, garage floor, patio, or other surfaces you desire. We even complete stained concrete floors of any variety and are always glad to work with a walkway or high traffic region.

Reactive and Non-Reactive Staining

The primary two options offered by Concrete Kote are reactive and non-reactive staining.


Reactive staining uses acid with metallic salts designed to have a chemical reaction with the lime used to make concrete. The result is multi-colored and translucent, which means the stain has a marbled effect that adds texture and character. There are fewer color options when choosing a reactive model, but the result is phenomenal and won’t chip or peel away.


A non-reactive stain creates a uniform, opaque finish but comes in a broad range of colors. The formula of these stains will not react with the concrete and instead sits on the surface. It is less permanent but is excellent for individuals who want a more colorful and individualized floor.

How to Receive Concrete Staining

If you’re looking for concrete staining near you, then we strongly recommend contacting us at Concrete Kote. We hire and train some of the most skilled and experienced employees in Richmond, TX, and are currently accepting new clients. For more information, give us a call today to discuss your concrete project.

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