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Industrial Flooring Coatings

Industrial Flooring Coatings

Apr 01, 2020

Owning an industrial property or business is great, but comes with its pitfalls. On one part, there is the OSHA law that requires you to provide a safe environment for your employees like having safe flooring. On the other hand, most flooring types with the required safety features are unsightly. How can you circumvent the issue? Well, you can use industrial coatings. Industrial coatings offer surface protection and are appealing. In this post, we answer some of the common questions.

What Are Industrial Coatings?

Industrial coatings are products applied either on concrete or steel to enhance performance and durability. Although they are optional, these coatings can improve the longevity of the floor by minimizing corrosion, oxidization, and chemical damage.

What Type of Industrial Coatings is Ideal for My Property?

We offer different types of coatings that are all guaranteed to offer protection. However, each of the coatings is ideal for a specific industry. The different types include:

  • Epoxy coating

Epoxy coating is commonly used flooring due to its strength and durability. Furthermore, they have a high compression strength making them ideal for warehouses, heavy-duty industries, and logistic centers with traffic.

However, they are not recommended for food industries that use lactic acid because they tend to corrode and turn yellow. Epoxy flooring is sensitive to moisture but has less damage compared to other coating types.

  • Polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane coating is soft and elastic. The elasticity makes the coatings more resistant to scratching and impact. That’s why the polyurethane coatings are ideal for car parks. The coatings can also withstand lactic acid and other food chemicals making them ideal for food industries.

On the downside, the polyurethane coatings are sensitive to humid, and hard to work with. Hence you will need the services of qualified staff, and that’s where Concrete Kote comes in. We have qualified staff experienced to apply any type of coating.

  • Moisture cure urethane

Moisture cure urethane is oil-free, but it gives a clear and glossy finish. It is resistant to chemicals, grease, and oil. The coating is suitable in warehouse, service bays, production floors, manufacturing facilities, and places with moderate chemical exposure.

  • Fluoropolymer Coatings

Fluoropolymer flooring has non-stick properties and reduces friction, resist corrosion, and can withstand high temperatures. Additionally, fluoropolymer flooring is insulators and doesn’t absorb water thus making them ideal for automotive, electronic, printing, and packaging businesses.

How Long Does Floor Coating Take?

The length of the project depends on a couple of factors such as the size of the property and the accessibility. But, in general, our team can complete a small to mid-sized property in a few days. The project can be accelerated upon request, but this will reflect on the final price of the project.

For proper working, we require you to restrict access to the area for a few days. Most industrial coatings need between one and three days for the ‘curing’ process to be completed and it is vital not to disturb the area. Plus, it helps to maintain the temperatures and moisture of the floor.

How Much Does the Industrial Coatings Cost?

The price is calculated per square foot and it is also based on the type of coating and the work environment. Contact our office and we shall give you an estimate of the project.

How Can We Maintain the Durability of the Coatings?

Most of these industrial coatings require minimal maintenance, but you still need to observe the safety measures to minimize damage to the floor. Our team will advise you on how to maintain the floors for maximum protection.

The Concrete Kote Difference

The most important aspect of your project is choosing who to work with. Choose the wrong team and the project will be ruined before it begins. At Concrete Kote, we have a dedicated team who are ready to guide you through the process of choosing the right coating for your commercial floors. We will create a customized plan suitable to your individual needs, so contact us today.