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Garage Epoxy Flooring: Yay Or Nay?

Garage Epoxy Flooring: Yay Or Nay?

Oct 01, 2021

What do you look out for in garage flooring? Affordability. Strength. Appearance. Safety. Easy Maintenance. Resistance. Garage epoxy flooring in Richmond checks each of these boxes. If you have other boxes to check, read further because we will give you all the answers you need about epoxy flooring in your garage.

Epoxy is formed when one part epoxide resin with one part polyamine hardener is mixed. Together, these chemicals form a strong coating over your concrete surface. Epoxy does NOT paint. Some paints have epoxy added to increase their strength but they remain paint. When you apply epoxy, it cures over the surface. The curing process also produces a coating much more resilient than paint.

Why Yay?


Epoxy floors are usually a sight to behold. They are very reflective and smooth. It allows for better visibility in the garage. What’s even better is that they are quite easy to clean because nothing sticks to the floor- Oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, gasoline, you name it. It doesn’t matter how long they stay, some mild soap and water will do the job fine.

With epoxy, you can bother less about dust. Most times, dust in the garage forms from the powder a concrete floor sheds from daily wear and tear. It’s easy to notice as it all eventually collects on any and everything in the garage.

During winter, there’s every tendency that icy brines and road salts will collect on the floor. But epoxy floors are naturally moisture resistant so you can clean easily.


We all bother about this one, yeah? Well, epoxy floor installation prices tend to be lower than many other options. It is because they can be installed directly over concrete or any flooring you have. Essentially, we’re certain that cost is not likely to be the barrier to getting epoxy flooring.

Strength And Durability

The polyamine hardener part of epoxy is a catalyst that gives it strength. There’s always that tendency that your work tools will fall to the ground in the garage. Epoxy floors are resistant to such impacts as well as chippings and surface abrasion. Little wonder that they’re a top choice in the automotive industry.

The floors are also resistant to chemical spills and you can worry less about chemical damage. They are also germ-free and easy to sanitize making them a wonderful choice for hospital floors.

Epoxy flooring acts as a protective cover over concrete. It buffers concrete from moisture, stains, grease, and cracks. Temperature variations have little to no effect on epoxy. They’re even resistant to fire so you can get all kinds of work done in your garage.

Concrete floors are the only kind that lasts longer than epoxy floors. But then, there is always a concrete floor under the epoxy so it’s a combo of the very best. The important thing is getting a top-notch epoxy floor installer as this ensures all these qualities.


You are allowed to choose from a wide array of designs, colors, and patterns for your epoxy floor. Hence, you can rest assured that your epoxy floor will turn out the exact way you pictured it in your mind.

Why Nay?

Eventually, you have to change all epoxy floors. They are not lifelong solutions. Although you will enjoy them when you use them, the everyday wear and tear takes its toll on the floor. When you start to notice cracks and chips, the floor is starting to give way and you need a new coat soon.

Oil-covered epoxy floors in particular are not great choices for areas prone to water or spillage. When wet, they become very slippery and this constitutes a serious hazard in the garage. It’s better to add slip-resistant aggregate to the final epoxy coat for a non-skid surface.

Preparation for an epoxy coating is tedious. The concrete floor must be well prepared, free of grease, oil, solvents, and cracks. During application, you have to wait for every layer of coating to dry. It takes days for this to happen.

Wet epoxy also has an ammonia-like smell after application. You should also know that changing colors and designs after application requires a lot of effort that it’s not advised.

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