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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Concrete Floors

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Concrete Floors

Sep 01, 2019

Building a house of your own is not an easy job. From ceilings to the floor, everything has to be the way you planned it. When it comes to the flooring of the house several options are available. Lately, concrete floors have become the common choice for many residential, institutional and public buildings. Concrete Kote, concrete floors contractors in Richmond provides several flooring services.

The common notion that concrete floors are only suitable for industrial purposes is fading. Because of its natural benefits, it has become a common sight in various households.

How are Concrete Floors made?

The concrete used for making these floors primarily consists of cement, silica, limestone, and water. The above ingredients are mixed in large machines, to create a robust mixture. Once the mixture is ready, it’s spread on the ground and is leveled using construction tools. Concrete floors are of two types-new slabs and foundation slab. The new slab is an extra layer of concrete over the pre-existing foundation slab. Foundation slab is a concrete layer which acts as a base for the house.

Concrete Kote is one of the best concrete floors contractors in Richmond and the surrounding areas like Cypress and Katy. They have years of experience in concrete floorings-both in new slabs and foundation slabs.

Benefits of Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have various advantages over other flooring materials like tiles and marbles. Some of its benefits include:

    • Sustainability- Concrete floors are sustainable building option. It uses minimum building material to provide a durable flooring. The materials used in a concrete mixture are derived from nature itself. They lack any trace of chemicals or artificial ingredients. Its very composition makes it an environment-friendly material. In several cases, the foundation slab of the house can be modified into a concrete flooring. The process of reconstructing a tile or marble flooring into concrete flooring is also very sustainable.
    • Longevity- The concrete floors are made up of highly resilient materials. Cement and limestone used for making them have high binding power. Once they are mixed with water and allowed to dry they form a hard base. Its greater strength makes it suitable for industrial and commercial environments. It can easily stand in rough working environments displaying resistance to scratches and dents. Thus, they are highly durable and can last for years. They’re one of the best one-time investments that one can make in a home.
    • Easy care- ceramic or terracotta floors tiles require a lot of maintenance. If you have installed marbles on your floor then it may require regular polishing. Polishing will again cost you extra bucks apart from the hassle of moving your furniture. However, in the case of a concrete floor, the maintenance required is very less. They have a strong resistance to stains and damages which makes them easy to clean.

The application of wax in case of polished concrete is easier than the exhaustive polishing procedure. All it takes to keep a concrete floor clean is regular mopping and swiping. Replacing a broken or cracked tile can be a tedious job. But repairing a crack in a concrete floor (if there is any at all) is relatively easy.

  • Versatility- Concrete floors no longer confined to plain grey surfaces they too come in several designs. With the help of modern architecture, you can give any color and design to concrete floors. Patterns can easily be drawn on it, while it’s settling, to give it a completely different look. If one desires, ceramic tiles can easily be installed over them. Thus, they are versatile in purpose and use.

Concrete floors can provide a completely new and outstanding look to your home. They are as strong and durable as your desire to have a house of your own. Their long lives have made them part of various residential and commercial structures. People in Rosenberg, south-west Houston, Fulshear, Tomball, West Columbia, and Pearland are opting for concrete flooring.

Concrete Kote, provides facilities related to concrete floorings. Their services are best suited for both industrial and residential buildings. They are the most experienced concrete floors contractors in Richmond. Their services also extend to areas like Clear Lake, League City, Missouri City, Sugar Land.