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2019 Flooring Trends : This Year Top Flooring Ideas

2019 Flooring Trends : This Year Top Flooring Ideas

Jul 01, 2019

Remodeling your home or flipping a house can be an exciting venture that comes with many decisions to make. These decisions can be fun and simple, such as the color of the exterior, or a bit more daunting, such as the flooring for the home.

Having a lot of choices is naturally overwhelming because it’s hard to know which option is best. The styles can vary immensely in their look and advantages as well as their disadvantages. Choosing a floor, however, is easier than you may think it is.

Wood-look Flooring

These floors aren’t new and have been popular for years. They’ve been the top choice for flooring for two years in a row and include laminate, ceramic, and vinyl options. It combines the beauty of wood with the durability of the flooring of your choice.

Waterproof Flooring

For decades, waterproof flooring was synonymous with tile, which is what made it the best option for bathrooms and kitchens. But thanks to new technology, there is a larger variety of waterproof flooring, including laminate, vinyl, and carpet. This is great for family homes and individuals with pets.

Textured Flooring

This type of flooring mimics the appearance of hardwood and can be wire brushed or scraped by hand. They can be laminate, wood, or many other types of flooring and give your home a classic and rustic look. Textured flooring can be used to make your home look unique and bring out the features of your décor.

Environmentally-Responsible Flooring

Aside from looks, homeowners and renovators in 2019 are interested in the source of the materials used for flooring. The use of the flooring that is made of recyclable, natural, and renewable materials is a top priority for many individuals right now.

Blonde Flooring

If you love gray, then you’ll love blonde flooring. It gives the home a light and airy look and is very versatile, working with many different styles of décor. Another benefit of these floors is its ability to make the room look much bigger than it is.

Now that you have a bit more information on the popular choices for flooring this year, you can take it easy and narrow down the list of options for your home.